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Championship 7v7 Kick-Off In The D

Championship 7v7 kicked off their 2021 season with the “Kick-Off In The D” tournament.

Teams from 6 different states came to Dallas to compete and they did not disappoint. The two day tournament was hosted at the beautiful Carpenter Park in Plano, Texas.

Bullitt Football Academy took home the 18U title, Young Bull 7v7 won the 15U division, the SA Ducks won they 14U title, and Cypress Money Squad took home the 12U title. with a victory over Midwest Boom. There was a lot of talent and exciting plays in all divisions.

Here are our Top QBs, Offensive, Defensive, and Sleepers standouts from Battle In The D


Top QBs

QB Gage Ray-Bullitt/Dallas Jesuit (TX)

QB Diego Narezo-Greedy Elite/SA Cornerstone Christian (TX)

QB Jet Huff-C-Stat/College Station (TX)

QB Cardell Williams-Houston Jixers/Houston Westfield (TX)

QB Chris Parson-Texas Ice/Red Oak (TX)

QB Henry Martin-Emp1re/Blue Valley North (KS)

QB Glenn Rice-Texas Air Raid/Lancaster (TX)

QB Alex Orji-Grand Elite/Garland Sachse(TX)

QB Zintayvious Smith-U Elite/Red River (LA)

QB Jahzair Hubbard-Team UpTop/Paramus (NY)

QB Sampson Nazarko-PPT/McKinney (TX)

QB Mark Focucci-Top Gun/Wheaton North (IL)

QB JD Sherrod-Team Florida/Cypress Lake (FL)

Top Game Changers (Offensive)

WR Jordan Hudson-Grand Elite/Garland (TX)

WR Boogie Johnson-Texas Air Raid/Lancaster (TX)

WR Brandon Armelin-Greddy Elite/SA Roosevelt (TX)

WR Blake Youngblood-Bullitt/Dallas Parish Episcopal (TX)

WR Mudia Reuben-Emp1re/Parkhill (MO)

WR Christopher Brazzell-Texas Ice/Midland Christian (TX)

WR aquaize Pettaway-Texas Pressure/Langham Creek (TX)

WR Charlie Johnson-PPT/Plano West (TX)

ATH Jack Rummell-Top Gun/Hampshire (IL)

ATH Eric Nolden-SA Ducks/Converse Judson (TX)

WR Hakaelan-Sooner7/Owasso (OK)

Top Big Steppers (Defensive)

DB Dasan McCullough-Emp1re/Blue Valley North (KS)

DB Deqarius Calhoun-Houston Jixers/Spring Westfield (TX)

DB Robert Fitgerald-Bullitt/Dallas Jesuit (TX)

DB Lorenzell Dubose-/Neville (LA)

ATH Aiden Inesta-Rodriguez-SA PrimeTime/Brandeis (TX)

CB Aaron King-Grand Elite/Garland (TX)

DB Jamareion Gipson-Texas Pressure/Langham Creek (TX)

CB NuNu Campbell-Sooner7/Holland Hall (OK)

DB KJ Truehill-Texas Air Raid/Katy Paetow (TX)

LB Carter Wagner-Grind365/Round Rock (TX)

CB Adisa Roberts-ESA/John Burroughs (MO)

Top Sleepers

ATH Jack Curtis-Bullitt/Highland Park (TX)

WR PJ Caldwell-Emp1re/Parkhill (MO)

ATH Dylan Edwards-Emp1re/Derby (KS)

WR Avron Carter-Greedy Elite/SA Brennan (TX)

QB Tanner Murray-Texas Pressure/Langham Creek (TX)

WR Houston Thomas-C-Stat/College Station

WR Aden Carpenter-PPT/Liberty Christian (TX)

WR Collin Urich-Texas Ice/Celina (TX)

ATH Brady Tosterud-Top Gun/Elk Grove (IL)

ATH Braylen Irving-Fisher-Sooner7/Union (OK)

QB Aidan Lara-SA PrimeTime/SA O’Connor (TX)

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