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Goat 7on7 Triple D Edition

Look no further than the Goat 7on7 championship trophy and founder to understand that they are bringing a different excitement to the 7on7 world. Goat 7on7 partnered with Texas Ice and Hero Football to host their inaugural 7on7 tournament.

Goat 7on7 founder is none other than the world renown DJ Duffey. You are probably asking yourself, “How did DJ Duffey get into hosting 7on7 tournaments?”. “It all started with a phone call for my with my brother Jade Duffey, owner of Texas Ice. I told him how proud I am of him and I wanted to help in some way. I thought it would be really dope to throw a tournament for him and Texas Ice.”

Jade, is also is also the inspiration behind the Goat 7on7 name. “In my family Jade has nicknamed himself the Goat, so when I was thinking of a tournament name, all I could think of was the Goat tournament.” DJ Duffey

Tournament host Texas Ice, took home the 18U Goat trophy by defeating TDG Elite in the 18U finals. Texas Ice was lead by the Tournament MVP Brentwood Ravenwood (TN) QB Chris Parson.

The Ball Hawks took the 15U Goat trophy back home to Florida with an overtime victory over True Buzz in the finals. Over 20 teams from Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia participated in the two-day tournament.

Goat 7on7, is one of the first if not the only female lead 7on7 tournament organizations in the country. With female 7on7 becoming a sponsored sport on the NAIA collegiate level, more females are becoming involved in the sport in every aspect. Duffey feels right at home making her mark in a male dominate field. “The funny thing is I’ve always been comfortable (being a woman) in male dominated fields. I grew up playing basketball and I played at the University of Texas Arlington in college. In my adult years I have worked to be a well-know DJ, and now I’m a tournament host! I’m excited to see where it leads me.”

As for what’s in store for the future of Goat 7on7. Duffey says, “My plan is to make the tournament event bigger in 2022. I have a lot of things and surprises in store. I’m really thinking outside of the box now kind of like my trophy. I was so excited that it turned out to be a big hit on the 7on7 circuit. I’m thankful for my staff, parents, coaches, and my partners Texas Ice and Hero Football.”

Here are our Top QBs, Offensive, Defensive, and Sleepers standouts from the Triple D Edition tournament:

Top QBs

QB Chris Parsons-Texas Ice/Brentwood Ravenwood (TN)

QB David Hopkins-TDG Elite/Mansfield Summit (TX)

QB Brendan Sorsby-940 Elite/Lake Dallas (TX)

QB Mason Kidd-Beast Elite/Lawrenceville Mountain View (GA)

QB Keagan Byrd-Lion Hearted/Denton Braswell (TX)

QB Jorge Rodriguez-Ball Hawks/Doral Academy (FL)

QB Merrick Moss-True Buzz/ Lewisville (TX)

QB BJ Higgins-Texas Pressure/Dallas Roosevelt (TX)

QB Marlon Brown-Bulls Elite/Baton Rouge Southern Lab (LA)

QB Samson Nazarko-PPT Elite/Mckinney (TX)

QB Luke Brown-Texas Pressure/Arlington Lamar (TX)

QB Tom Von Grote-Lion Hearted/Byron Nelson (TX)

QB Warren Peck-YK1K/Highland Park (TX)

QB Jake Watson-Lion Hearted/Flower Mound (TX)

QB Vaughn Martinez-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Warren (TX)

QB Braxton Baker-Texas Ice/Hebron (TX)

QB Franklyn Johnson-PPT Elite/Little Elm (TX)

QB Dadrain Deleon-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Madison (TX)

Top Game Changers (Offensive)

WR Jordyn Tyson-940 Elite/Frisco Independence (TX)

RB Lontrell Turner-Texas Ice/Duncanville (TX)

ATH Jordan Cook-TDG Elite/Duncanville (TX)

WR Earnest Thomas Jr-YK1K/Rowlett (TX)

ATH MarQuice Hill Jr-True Buzz/Denton Ryan (TX)

WR CJ Bradley-Beast Elite/Grayson (GA)

WR Christopher Brazzell-Texas Ice/Midland Christian (TX)

WR Bryan Spotwood-TDG Elite/Abilene Cooper (TX)

ATH Hogan Wasson-940 Elite/Colleyville Heritage (TX)

WR Jaquell Rhodes-Bulls Elite/Kenner Bonnabel (LA)

ATH Ty’Wane Ransom-Bulls Elite/Baton Rouge Glen Oaks (LA)

WR Jarrius Nicholson-True Buzz/Cedar Hill (TX)

ATH Chris Hicks Jr-Texas Ice/Duncanville (TX)

WR Royal Evans-Lion Hearted/Haslet Eaton (TX)

WR DaeDae Johnson-Texas Pressure/Hebron (TX)

WR Ryan Gonzalez-Ball Hawks/Doral Academy (TX)

ATH Sebastian Riojas-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Brennan (TX)

WR James Marcus-PPT Elite/Mansfield Lake Ridge (TX)

WR Jaquan Graham-Beast Elite/Westover (GA)

WR Daniel Reza-210 Affiliated/ San Antonio (TX)

WR D’Vay Johnson-Texas Pressure/Hebron (TX)

WR James Marcus-PPT Elite/Mansfield Lake Ridge (TX)

WR Lawrence Garza-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Madison (TX)

WR Jaylon McCoy-Texas Pressure/Arlington Lamar (TX)

Top Big Steppers (Defensive)

CB Deldrick Madison-Texas Ice/Duncanville (TX)

ATH Ollie Gordon-TDG Elite/Euless Trinity (TX)

CB Jamal Janvier-Beast Elite/Norcross (GA)

OLB Ben Roberts-940 Elite/Haslet Eaton (TX)

ATH Jordan Sanford-PPT Elite/Mansfield Timberview (TX)

CB Bernock Iya-Texas Ice/Azle (TX)

DB Damon Youngblood-Texas Ice/Mckinney (TX)

DB Nicholas Jacoby-Ball Hawks/Doral Academy (FL)

CB Jamar Worthy-Beast Elite/Decatur (GA)

DB Toddrick Dixon-TDG Elite/Mansfield Timberview (TX)

DB Adriene White-Lion Hearted/Grapevine (TX)

DB Ian Bell-Bulls Elite/Baton Rouge Mentorship Academy (LA)

DB Kavion Williams-Texas Ice/Cedar Hill Trinity Christian (TX)

DB Franklin Phillips-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Warren (TX)

DB Jamarion Clark-Texas Pressure/Desoto (TX)

CB Jordan Lyons-Lion Hearted/Denton Guyer (TX)

CB Messiah Boulieu-True Buzz/Lancaster (TX)

DB Nate Robinson Jr-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Warren (TX)

DB Keiran Patrick-Daniels-Texas Ice/Ft. Worth Brewer (TX)

DB Adam Hines-Texas Pressure/Desoto (TX)

ATH Andre Knighten-Bulls Elite/Baton Rouge McKinley (LA)

DB Brannan Mannix-940 Elite/Colleyville Heritage (TX)

ATH Vashawn Thomas II-PPT/Little Elm (TX)

DB Jvon McMonald-210 Affiliated/San Antonio (TX)

Top Sleepers

DB Jivon Oggs-Texas Ice/Mansfield Lake Ridge (TX)

ATH Jerry Brawley-Ball Hawks/Miami Southridge (FL)

CB Jayveus Lyons-TDG Elite/Euless Trinity (TX)

WR William Nettles-True Buzz/Plano John Paul II (TX)

DB Justin Washington-940 Elite/Allen (TX)

WR Ja’Ryan Wallace-Lion Hearted/Denton Braswell (TX)

DB Voston Heidelberg-Beast Elite/Stockbridge (GA)

ATH Charlie Johnson-PPT Elite/Plano West (TX)

ATH Cemarion Chambliss-TDG Elite/Mansfield Timberview (TX)

DB Jahiem Fuller-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Warren (TX)

WR Torionte Franklin-Texas Pressure/Mesquite (TX)

WR Hunter Vivaldi-Texas Ice/Bryan (TX)

DB Jamarion Clark-Texas Pressure/Desoto (TX)

WR Naszir Otieno-TDG Elite/Arlington Sequin (TX)

TE Lafayette Kaiuway-Texas Ice/Arlington Sam Houston (TX)

ATH Jason Demetrius-Ball Hawks/Coral Reef (TX)

DB Chancellor Anthony-Texas Ice/Mansfield Timberview (TX)

DB Naszae Otieno-TDG Elite/Arlington Sequin (TX)

ATH Jae Acker-Lion Hearted/Denton Braswell (TX)

WR Caden High-Beast Elite/Grayson (GA)

RB Jaylen Jenkins-940 Elite/Allen (TX)

LB Jayden Woods-Bulls Elite/Baton Rouge Woodlawn (LA)

DB Jacob Schaffer-TDG Elite/Euless Trinity (TX)

OLB Max Nunnally-Beast Elite/Atlanta Druid Hills (GA)

ATH Alerik Mason-210 Affiliated/San Antonio Stevens (TX)

CB Joseph McGinnis-Texas Ice/Frisco Rock Hill (TX)

DB Bryson Blackmore-Texas Pressure/Red Oak (TX)

WR Justin Wilson-Beast Elite/Lawrenceville Mountain View (GA)

CB Savian Williams-Texas Ice/Burleson Centennial (TX)

LB Alexander Terry-Lion Hearted/Keller Fossil Ridge (TX)

LB Jalen Green-Bulls Elite/Baton Rouge Mentorship Academy (LA)

DB Kemaj Robinson-YK1K/Dallas Skyline (TX)

ATH Adrian Wilson-TDG Elite/Duncanville (TX)

WR Kalan McInnis-True Buzz/Duncanville (TX)

WR Elijah Nelson-Bulls Elite/Harvey West Jefferson (LA)

WR Jamaal Hall II-Texas Pressure/Mansfield Lake Ridge (TX)

ATH Tobias Gonzalez-Ball Hawks/Florida Christian (FL)

Check out the Triple D Edition photo gallery in our media section.

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