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Hit Your Marc Spotlight

Written by: Marc Henry

Linebackers are the heart and soul of most defenses. The middle linebacker is usually the quarterback of the defense. He’s a leader, a guy who’s voice gets everyone’s attention in the huddle.

At Grand Prairie High School, they have that player in C/O 2022 linebacker Alex Torres. My Thursday night game last week, Grand Prairie vs Mesquite at the Gopher Bowl, was the first chance I had a chance to see Torres in person. I had a chance a few days before the game to see the previous week’s game that Torres played and was impressed. But seeing him in person just confirmed the buzz I had heard about Alex.

At 5’10 200 lbs., Torres plays bigger than his measurables are on paper. He is a ferocious tackler, plays with reckless abandon, flows well from sideline to sideline, reads his keys Guard-Center-Guard, in the box quickly as the play develops. Torres had several tackles for loss and two sacks against Mesquite due to his ability to time his blitzes right before the snap of the ball. Alex also plays the passing lanes well, he understands the depth of his drops, has good hip flexion, which lead to a pass breakup.

Alex Torres has next level talent. He has an offer from Hendrix College, but has received interest from several Junior Colleges as well.

Alex Torres Hit His Marc this week!!! I look forward to following his progress the rest of the fall at Grand Prairie.

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