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Partnership Announcement: In-Form Sports and Brandid Sports

We are proud to announce a new partnership with In-Form Sports the #1 destination for football recruiters, coaches, fans, and media outlets to watch recruits play the exciting style of 7v7 football. In-Form Sports captures 7v7 video, stats, and highlights with their ball tracking camera system.

In-Form Sports films the top 7on7 teams and players in 7v7 tournaments across the nation. The platform is great for following not only the top 4 and 5 star recruits, but all student athletes who are looking to make a name for themselves against elevated competition. Details of Brandid Sports Partnership

  • In-Form Sports has partnered with Brandid Sports to provide media coverage to 7v7 events.

    • In-Form Sports will provide Brandid Sports with access to the ball-tracking camera.

    • ​Brandid Sports will receive a custom video channel on the platform that includes original content filmed by In-Form Sports and Brandid Sports collectively.

    • ​Brandid Sports will co-host the Player Rankings, Event Recaps, Top Plays, and Player Interviews with In-Form Sports exclusively on on the Brandid Sports Channel.

In-Form Sports and Brandid Sports are looking for teams interested in a video sponsorship deal. Fill out the survey below to apply and we will reach out directly to teams that are accepted. Here’s how the IFS Team Sponsorship works:

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